We take our responsibility as a leader in the building industry seriously, that is why we not only follow but set standards. We take the following steps as responsible leaders.

Responsibility We seek solutions that are compatible with the principles of sustainable development. We are first and foremost responsible to society. The Salarpuria Group at all times maintains and upholds the dignity, standing and reputation of the construction industry through these measures.

Competence We maintain knowledge and skills at levels consistent with development in technology legislation and management, and apply due skill, care and diligence in the services rendered to our clients.

Integrity We act at all times in the legitimate interest of the client and provide services with integrity and faithfulness.

Highest standards Through the construction process we keep the highest standards of excellence. Nothing is overlooked- Structural design, materials management, energy conservation, fire safety, acoustics, disaster mitigation, environment safety, ventilation, indoor air quality and more.

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